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The first application will soon be available for download. I am trying to think of a suitable name for it. Initially it will be named BodyPointer

BodyPointer Application

.... Don't expect Perfection... expect Progress ! 

                          Douglas McLaren Livingstone


Provide a PC based application that will allow a user with appropriate technology that will control a screen cursor and mouse-click, to graphically identify problem areas on their body.

Problem Types: Pain, Discomfort, Itchy, Hot, Cold, Numb or Pins & Needles
Problem Intensity: Low, Medium or High
Location: Select a predefined body area by pressing an identifying button or place cursor on body location and click.

The Legal Stuff: The user or their representatives indemnifies this application author against any damage or grief incurred. The user or their representative waives all rights to take any action against the author of this application. This is a prototype test application and no responsibility is taken for problems incurred through its use. The user and their representatives accept these terms when using this application. This is a Prototype Test Application used to learn from and improve its design through user testing and feedback.

Privacy: This Prototype of the BodyPointer application does NOT broadcast any personal data. Body Chart images and Activity Logs are saved on the users PC under:
     C:\Users\uuuuu\Documents\BodyPointer Charts
     C:\Users\uuuuu\Documents\BodyPointer Activity Logs

     (where uuuuu is the user PC account name)

Download BodyPointer Prototype Application zip file from Here. Unzip the file and run Setup.exe. This is not a commercially built application that makes use of sophisticated installation functions.  There are no viruses, spyware, adware or malware in this basic application.

This first release of BodyPointer will be the baseline version for all carers/nurses or interested parties to test and understand the functionality. This version may not be suitable for actual real life use. This version contains six screens; the main screen and five example types of user screens. NOTE: I admit the User Interface (UI) is aesthetically basic and requires redesign. I am seeking ideas and suggestions from medical and care practitioners as to the design, colour, language and layouts that would work for them.

Ongoing infromation and FAQ's can be found on page

Coming soon, will be a few video clips, demonstrating the use of BodyPointer.

Subsequent versions will be the result of feedback and a continual improvement process. A final version of BodyPointer will only have two screens; a User Screen and an Administration/Configuration screen.

MND Body Alert - Prototype Application

I would sincerely appreciate feedback on the use of the prototype, so that we can improve its design, use and acceptability. Please send me an email to

Any Uniiversity who can improve the application design and use, may do so and I will assign intellectual property approval to them for no cost. All that I ask, is that in their application documentation, that it contain the reference "Dedicated to Mary Kathleen Klein"
Kathy was my spouse who I lost to Motor Neurone Disease (MND) aka Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and the reason that this application exist.

Only three actions required
Only 3 Steps

This is one of the sample User screens on a tablet PC in portrait mode.

BodyPointer on Tablet PC

A couple of sample saved Body Charts
Sample Body Chart - Male   Sample Body Chart - Female

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