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                                          Douglas McLaren Livingstone

From time to time this page will be updated with Development Suggestion and FAQ's information pertinent to the BodyPointer Prototype Application

Good News: Version Released 1/4/2017 includes Digital Verification certificate from Certificate Authority, Comodo, to authenticate the installation process and reduce challenge messages from the Windows Operating System.

Ongoing Development Suggestions, that may appear in future releases

# Description Contributor
1 For those who can make use of a right mouse button click - select a marker on the body chart and increase its diameter or Move the marker or change the Problem Intensity rating or change the Problem Type Doug Livingstone
2 Cater for Languages other than English Doug Livingstone
3 Configurable: Problem Type names and colours, User Name, Speaking Voice selection, Gender, Body Chart image Doug Livingstone

Please send your comments and suggestions to Reasonable suggestions will be added to the table above. Contributor names can be withheld on request and entries will be marked as Anonymous.

Download BodyPointer Prototype Application zip file from Here. Unzip the file and run Setup.exe. This is not a commercially built application that makes use of sophisticated installation functions.  There are no viruses, spyware, adware or malware in this basic application.


What are the Problem Types that can be displayed on the body chart

Pain, Discomfort, Itchy, Hot, Cold, Numb or Pins & Needles

What are the Problem Intensity settings that can applied to the Problem Type mark on the body chart.

Low, Medium or High

Where can I download a copy of the user documentation?.

From the Help & Support, PDF Downloads menu

Where are charts and activity logs saved.

C:\Users\uuuuu\Documents\BodyPointer Charts
C:\Users\uuuuu\Documents\BodyPointer Activity Logs

(where uuuuu is the user PC account name)

Assistive devices tested.

Tobii Eye-Tracker 4C eye tracking unit as used for computer gaming; at this stage it requires the press of one keyboard button. You can look at a point on the screen and pressing your predefined button e.g. Ctrl, which will jump the cursor to the location you are looking at and will do the equivalent of pressing your left mouse button

SmartNAV 4 head tracking unit from NaturalPoint, another gaming device that will track an IR reflective dot worn on your head, spectacles or on a cap. Moving your head will be tracked, which moves the cursor on your screen. Using software such as DwellClicker 2 will click a location for you.

This is one of the sample User screens on a tablet PC in portrait mode.
BodyPointer on Tablet PC

A couple of sample saved Body Charts
Sample Body Chart - Male   Sample Body Chart - Female

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